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Call And Response 2 A Singapore Migrant Anthology (hardback)

Bhing Navato and Zakir Hossain and Poh Yong Han and Joshua Ip

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"Migrant. Citizen. Foreign Talent. Singaporean. Local. Expatriate. Immigrant. Permanent Resident. Migrant Worker.” What do these words mean, and how do they make you feel when you say them, or when you hear them said to you? When a border is crossed, when a passport is stamped, when you taste a familiar dish or hear a familiar accent – who truly belongs where, and to what or whom?

This sequel anthology brings together more than seventy writers and poets with differing relationships to the words “Singapore” and “migrant”. They were paired up, and asked to write to each other, and respond – and they came back with stories and poems that cover everything from the ache of homesickness to the sting of prejudice, from the tingle of romance to the balm of friendship.

Once again, we call you into a listening space, to hear voices familiar and foreign, fervent and fearless, funny, forthright and too often forgotten – we hope you respond.

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Publisher: Math Paper Press

Year: 2021

Condition: 8 / 10

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